Christian alcohol rehab centers utilize faith-based teachings to heal and promote a prosperous future. This can’t be accomplished by focusing in one direction or the other. The organization relies fundamentally on the spirited words of God to heal a patient through the entire process. But, it requires some serious hard work and dedication on behalf of all involved parties. The 90 Day Program, is divided into three phases.

The Three Phases of the 90 Day Program

The first phase is a dedication towards healing. It requires a click in the brain of the conscious pursuit of being better. No one can be forced to be here for any period of time. It requires “want.” This includes medical care, a personal trainer, and counseling. The second phase is further counseling, followed by group activities and part-time work or school associations. This is where the healing process becomes especially social.

The Final Phase

The final phase is dedicated towards personal responsibility. This is the stage where things become elevated to managing finances and taking back control of life. The three stages can be loosely separated into one phase for each month of the program. Extended programs are available and the programs themselves are quite flexible and accommodating for extensions or refinement. They all require the same principle steps and disciplines.

Many people think that is easy. If they find a spiritual connection, they are done and in the clear. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t work like this. Humans are humans. Everyone slips up, falls off the path, and is potentially seduced by some creeping feeling of darkness. The pursuit of independence from alcohol will require work, every single day. It requires prayer. But, it also requires serious dedication, consistency, a willingness to be healthier, and a desire to see the road at the end of the tunnel.

What they don’t always tell you is that the road is hard. The end of the tunnel can be found, but the dark tunnel can always be found again. Stay with God and pursue a more spirited future. Contact the clinic for further details about what steps to take to get involved today.