All You Need to Know When Communicating with a Convict

Every country in the world has rules and regulations which when they are broken a culprit is taken behind bars so that they do not harm or inconvenience other people. When a country has rules and regulations, and they are broken, that makes a person a culprit when they break those rules. All the convicts in prisons have a past, and they are related to different people despite them being isolated from their families. Although there are millions of prisoners in the world; they still have the same necessities and demands as the normal human being. When you are interacting with a person who is behind bars, there are certain things that you need to think about. Because there are things that you need to keep in mind when communicating; this text will try to highlight some of those things.

Usually, inmates do not have computers, and therefore you cannot use email and an alternative means of communicating with them. The regular mail system is the one which is appropriate for sending pen pal letters to inmates. As a friend of an inmate who has not provided their listing, their letters will not be received because they are not recognized. There are instances when a prisoner would ask money from you to purchase some of the basic things that they would need. For writing and sending of a letter, one would need stamps, a pencil and that is why they usually request for money. However, you should not be forced to send money and end up using all your savings. Remember that what they say might be deceiving.

You should always be careful not to send money to an inmate pen pal before you verify the information if it is truthful or not. When an inmate states that they love you, you should not be quick to accept that it is the truth and this happens with normal relationships too. You should not make the mistake of giving out information especially that which is touching on you like social security number. Avoid getting into unnecessary stuff when you are sending the first letter to your inmate pen pal. The reason why you should not get into many details on the sending of the first letter is because you need to provide a good description of yourself.

Because you have not met with your prisoner pen pal, you need to include your weight, age, height, eye color, hair color, glasses and race as part of your description. If you want the inmate to know you quickly, then you can include a picture of yourself when you are sending that first letter.

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