Most Common Flooring Types

Flooring generally refers to the type of material that has been used to cover the floor of your house. The floor is always covered by a material that is good and that which is attractive. The material has to be durable, attractive and also easy to clean. Today there are very many types of floors but for many there are those that are more preferred hence makes them common among people. The most common methods of flooring today are as follows.

Wooden floors have become quite popular in many households today. The kind of material that has been used when the house is being constructed will not make it not make the wooden floor not fit in it even if it is made from wood, brick or even sand blocks. You can opt to use hard wood, soft wood or both when doing flooring. Even though the wood used to do the flooring come in different shapes and sizes, they will have to be all glued to the floor using a well known pattern. Wooden floors are preferred by many because of it gives your home that antique look and also a modern one which is very natural. It is also have that shiny look that it gets after polishing it during cleaning and in addition it is very easy to clean.

Tiled floors are very common in residential houses today. Tiles are used to cover cemented and concrete floors and they are made from ceramic material. Tiles have to be brittle even if they are made out of plastic like some of them are. The construction workers that work with tiles have to handle them with a lot of care because they are fragile. It is popular in residential areas because it can be easily cleaned and it is one of the cheapest flooring methods. They also come with lots of variety that differ with the shapes, sizes, colors and even drawing patterns on them.

Another method of flooring today is carpeting. Carpets are used today mostly in commercial buildings and also homes. Cotton is a common material used in making carpets but there are those few made from plastic with fiber. Carpets made out of cotton are the most common ones and today they can be placed on the entire floor by gluing it. You can blend another flooring method with carpet flooring method if you do not want to place it to cover the entire floor. This means that you can have a carpet on a wooden floor or carpet on a floor that has been tiled. They can be easily cleaned because they only require vacuuming once in a while but you can also was then when need arises.

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